Judges Form

Judges must complete and send in form to ensure a judges seat.  This will make the table assignments and seating process go more smoothly. Please respond to the following questions and return tolbenkendorf@eaglemkt.com by April 14, 2017


CBJ Number____________________________________ Expiration Date: ________________

Check One: CBJ ___________ Master CBJ _________

Check One:  Certified Table Captain: Yes ______ No ______

How many contests have you served as a Table Captain: ________

Judging Experience:  (Check one)

How many contests have you judged?

0  __________

1- 5  ________

6 – 10 _______

11 – 18 ______

18+ _________

How many contests have you judged in the last year? _______

Is your spouse or significant other a CBJ Judge: Check One: yes _____ no_____

T-SHIRT PRE-ORDER: $12 EACH.                                                                                            TOTAL DUE $_______

Select size & quantity. Payment due upon check-in on the day of contest.

Women’s T-shirts:  _Small  _Med  __Large  __ X-Lg

Men’s / Unisex T-shirts   _Small  _Med  __Large  __ X-Lg  _2-XL  _3-XL


How many years have you judged the Roberts Ranch Smokin’ Red Dirt Contest? ______


Home Phone: ______________________________

Cell Phone: ________________________________

City____________________________  State _____