Youth Art Show Information

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Welcome to the 8th Annual Pioneer Cellular Smokin’ Red Dirt Arts Festival YOUTH ART SHOW.

April 4th – 15th 2017 

2017 Pioneer Cellular Smokin’ Red Dirt Youth Art Show theme: “150th Anniversary of the Chisholm Trail”.

2017 marks the 150 the anniversary of the arrival of the first herd of cattle to the Great Western Stock Yards at Abilene, Kansas. When Texans struck the trail in the spring of 1867 with their wild Texas Longhorn cattle they really had no idea where they were going to end up. The failed Confederacy had broken the South. Beef on the hoof could revive the Texas economy and save struggling families.

Cattlemen had no choice but to “point ‘em north” and hope for the best. Unknown to those intrepid drovers a young Illinois cattle buyer was establishing a “cattle depot” at a forlorn little whistle-stop village along a brand new railroad in Kansas. Joseph McCoy’s Great Western Stock Yards at Abilene, Kansas, was about to change the American cattle business in a revolutionary way.

From Indian Territory a single herd of discovery found its way to Kansas along a wagon trail Jesse Chisholm used to trade with native tribes. Once they reached the Arkansas River it was a straight shot across open prairie to the cattleman’s version of the Promised Land. At Abilene, the cattle business was King and drovers the knights of a new era in America.

So be creative and give free rein to your imagination and share with us your expression of what IT WAS and IS like to be part of the 150th  ANNIVERSARY OF THE CHISHOLM TRAIL.


In order to be eligible for the honor of having your winning artwork displayed in the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center, we are requesting that your artwork reflect the theme: 150th  ANNIVERSARY OF THE CHISHOLM TRAIL. You have a broad range of subject matter, stylistic influence, and interpretive viewpoint to choose from, artwork that does not reflect the chosen theme will not be eligible.

Our Honorary Judge Harold T. Holden will judge student artwork. 

Primarily known as a cowboy artist, Harold T. Holden or “H” as he is known to most folks, has been capturing the West in sculptures and paintings for over 35 years.  While his work can be found in the Oklahoma State Capitol and on a U. S. Postage Stamp, his public sculptures have kept him busy the last few years with 20 monuments completed in the last 20 plus years. .  In 2007 he was featured in a one man show at the Museum of Western Colorado in Grand Junction and was a featured artist at the 2009 American Royal Art Show in Kansas City. His work can be seen at

“I am looking forward again to judging the wonderful art entries submitted by the students.  It is always a difficult choice to pick one piece of art as the Juror’s choice. Every year the participants up their submissions and continue to surprise and impress me with their creativity, design and composition.”

H. T. Holden

One student in Division III – grades 9th – 12th will be awarded the “Harold T. Holden Award” recognizing that student for their outstanding work.



Will be on exhibit April 4th – 15th at the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center


Will be displayed during the 12th Annual Roberts Ranch Smokin’ Red Dirt BBQ

Awards for the TOP THREE in each category and the HAROLD T. HOLDEN AWARD winner will be presented to students during the exhibit opening reception, to be held April 4th at the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center, 507 S. 4th Street, Enid OK. Those students will be notified.

There will be 5 judged award winners for each division.


Division I – Grades 3rd- 5th

Division II – Grades 6th – 8th

Division III – Grades 9th – 12th


• Acrylic – Use of only Acrylic on any type of background surface.

• Drawing – Includes charcoal, graphite, pastel, pen & ink or pencil on any type of paper.

• Mixed Media – The use of different and more than one type of media such as egg tempera, gouache, pen and ink, oil, acrylic, watercolor etc. in combination on one canvas or background.

• Sculpture – Full sculpture in the round, free-standing sculpture such as statues, not attached (except possibly at the base) to any other surface and various types of relief which are partly attached to a background surface.

• 3D

 • Photography



presented to those winners in each category per division.

FIRST: $40 plus trophy

SECOND: $25 plus trophy

THIRD: $15 plus trophy


Thanks to the generosity of our title sponsor, Pioneer Cellular, any school that has students whose art places in the top three in each Division, will receive a donation from Pioneer Cellular for art supplies at that school. It is part and parcel of Pioneer Cellular’s commitment to the youth of its service area.

First Place $150.00 Donation to School of Winning Student

Second Place $100.00 Donation to School of Winning Student

Third Place $75.00 Donation to School of Winning Student


•Contest open for grades 3rd-12th and must be the work of the student.
•$4.00 entry fee for each piece of artwork submitted
•Limit 5 pieces per student.
•Artwork submitted must reflect the theme
“150th Anniversary of the Chisholm Trail”
•All entries must be delivered to Eagle Marketing at 227 W. Broadway, Enid OK  
no later than March 10, 2017.


Each piece of artwork must have taped onto the backside a completed and signed Guardian Release Form with artist name. Complete both sections of the form, as the 3.5” x 2” portion will be used when the item is displayed during the Art Festival. Please type or print neatly the following information:

Student Name, Grade and School.

Submitted artwork should be mounted on art board, poster board or foam backboard.

Framing is allowed

Finished piece can be no larger than 21 x 25 in.

Each piece must have on the front bottom right hand side, a label with the TITLE of the piece.

Shrink-wrapping is optional for preservation of the artwork, however, all artwork is displayed indoors.

Each piece of artwork must use a separate entry/release form.

Submit artwork to: Pioneer Cellular Smokin’ Red Dirt Arts Festival, 227 W. Broadway, Enid OK 73701.


Any artwork not picked up will be taken to Eagle Marketing at 227 W. Broadway for your pick-up Monday April 24th.